Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What to expect this Sinulog in: Fuente Rotunda


So, I was on my way home from work when I, as always, passed by the Fuente Circle/Rotunda and found that it was still full of life at 12 MN! People were eating, sharing stories and having a great time!

In this time of pure celebration City-wide, one cannot seem to help to have some of that celebration to spill over to the days dawning the weekend.

So I, The Incursionist!, give you details, in still photos, on what to expect in and around the rotunda this fun-filled weekend.

Fuente Circle is located here:

I ventured forth inside the circle. Now, yes, it is a roundabout, meaning there will ALWAYS be cars circling it like voracious sharks. But during the weekend, this will be one of the streets that will be closed for the festivities.

Also, Cebu City has been experiencing some wet weather of recent. And here is what Fuente has for an answer:

Also, to my surprise, the entire rotunda is basically a big pie graph divided into two clashing giants. See for yourself. Here's the matriarch of the west:

Yes, they're well prepared for the rains with a gigantic parasol. They painted the West blue!

Now, here's the rivaling patriarch of the East!

Now, here's my take on these two warring colonies. While the west might not have the individualized umbrellas for each table, they foster a sense of camaraderie with its giant parasol. The west also has the specialized platforms to save the patrons' shoes of the mud that is certain to pair up with the rain.

However, the east has great lighting even at night (my photos didn't even need a flash), which makes eating less of a choking hazard. Also, east has gone green even with its redness, so to speak. See for yourself:

It seems that they are polar opposites of each other in this rotunda. Maybe one fears copying the other to save the tagging of being a 'copycat.'

There are also some small players in the circle, if you chose to be non-sectarian. They are as follows:

And what of their wares? Well, here you go:

Now, in the immediate vicinity of the Fuente circle, there are your regulars:

KFC has a special notice as well:

If you go up Jones Avenue (where Crown Regency is located), there are also some food places that are more than happy to accommodate you:

And, of course, the mother load of all grilled food places, Larsian! Now, with its completed facade:

Now, if you're more of the health freak (may be due to year-start resolutions), here's a healthy spot for you just outside of Larsians:

And there you have it, gang. The choices abound and all you need to do is just to glance sideways and *poof* there's food! This will lighten up your Sinulog supplies (to be discussed in the next post) and give you more leverage to move about.

'Til the next post!

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